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Carnelain Info

Carnelian : Comes from the Latin word Carnis
Belows to the family  of Chalcedony & is a variety of quartz
Hardness: 7
Element : Fire
Colours range from oranges, red to brownsm usually they mostly a nice earthy red brown. The colour comes from the iron oxide.
Found in India,
Carnelians have a long history with many cultures
Middle East - a sumerian queen was found in the third millenium to be wearing  robe with carnelians
Egypt  - The tombs abound with all sort of artifacts with carnelians, carnelians being thought to help to ensure the safe passage of the soul of the dead to enter the after life.
Hebrew : Carnelian was one of the stones on Aarons breastplate
Thet, a protective amulet of the egyptians was made with carnelians by the goddess Isis. Said to protect the dead.
Muslims call this the stone of Mecca. Evgrave the name Allah on the stone to promote courage.
Greeks & Romans called it Sardius and used it in rings and cameos and Intaglios
Carnelians are found often in Tibetan & Indian jewellery.
Carnelians are still one of the most favoured stones in Persia (Iran) along with the turquoise.
Birthstone for : Virgo, Aries, Scorpia
Use for : Motivation, protection, promotes confidence & said to stimulate creativity, prevents the wearer from  the negative emotions of hatred, envy, jealousy 
Health: cleans the blood, kidneys, helps allergies, blood pressure and lower back pain.
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