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Turquoise - From the french word meaning Turkish
Originally from Iran (Persia) then found its way to Europe via turkey who sold the stone to the Venetians merchants.
Most turquoise comes from Iran and the best comes from Iran, being unblemished with no veining. Turquoise also comes from Egypt, Turkestan and the USA, Mexico, Afghanistan, China
A semi precious stone
Hardness 5 - 6
Colour: Blue, varying bright to light to greenish.
Blue colour is from the copper in the soil
Green colour is from the iron in the soil
Egytians used it to decorate grave furnishings. Worn by Queen Zar, ruler of Egypt 5,500 BC
The Persians used it to decorate their turbans, daggers, sabres and the bridle of their horses. Persians loved this gem and today it is still a favourite to be worn and to be given as a gift.
In Mexico the Aztecs decorated their ceremonial masks with the stones.
Worn extensively to ward off the evil eye, to protect against untimely and unnatural death. Also worn to warn off poverty and promote wealth.
Often given in friendship as said to promote faithfulness & sonstancy in a relationship
Turquoise can be affected by cosmetics so clean with a soft cloth
Gemstone therapy: alleviates depression, promotes confidence.
Anniversay: 11th
Birthstone: Capricorn, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio & Saggitarius
Chakra : Energy stone, helpful with female disorders, prevents headaches. Used for the Brow Chakra & the Throat Chakra but can be placed on all Seven Chakras.
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